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August 2014

Las Grutas de Tolantongo

A new weekend adventure

So here is a summary of what has happened during the last three days.

The Grutas were actually a bit dangerous. I was wearing flipflops but due to the strong under current I lost them in a super dark grotto. This has also led to some cuts on my feet, as well as an awefully big and black-purple-red and stripped bruise on my thigh and mildly infected cuts on my knees as I have lost balance a couple of times due to the pain in my feet and fell on sharp edges of stones. Aimé from Argentina also lost one shoe. She and a few others discovered one of mine later. Unfortunately we both were left with a right-foot shoe, so none of us could walk comfortably anymore. That's only fair, huh?! :D haha Other people were wearing normal shoes, but the pair I had with me in Mexico was unsuitable for that purpose (yes, i travel light). The scenery though was beautiful! Swimming in beautiful stone tubs on mountains so high up and overlooking the surrounding nature was an incredible experience! And I looooved the strong massage by the waterfalls!

Here are some impressions.


As always - I can't keep my eyes open :D

This is from the picture time! Our tutor Adrian was not included as part of our group by the university administration, so we did it ourselves instead!!large_DSCF0564.jpglarge_DSCF0560.jpg

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Real Del Monte

The small silver mining town


So I have done a little day trip to one of the more famos places around here in Pachuca: the little silver mining town of Mineral del Monte. The video contains information about the town, but if you are interested in more, check out its website here.

The mining museum. The guide was one of the old miners who has worked there his whole life until closing. There the very first strike in the history of North America happened in 1766 against the inhumane working conditions. Later the strike turned violent. The guide also experienced one strike, for which the leader of the union demanded money for representation, even when they had already stopped working. When he had enough money, the labour union guy fled the country and is now searched for by interpol. I was told.




Hanging around in Real del Monte


Selthree :D


In the mine, protecting my backpack. You never know...


Real del Monte from above


The arts campus of my university is situated in Real del Monte and so much prettier than mine. But that seems to be a global phenomenon ... that (economic and) art faculties are always the prettiest.


A mystical or a cursed city? (Just like Pachuca; filled with the tortured souls??) Probably just the rain-season-weather.


Una fiesta de quinceañera/quince años we witnessed (the girl is called quinceañera. Boys do not celebrate this birthday that pompous way)


These fruits are from tuna/Feigenkaktus/prickly pear. I (right) eat 2 different sorts of tuna with pomegranate, Lucero with tons of Salsa and Chilli.


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The Caribbean!!

Cancun y Playa del Carmen

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Hello, lovely people

before uni started I have spent a couple of days in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. A few impressions can be seen in the video and others are on the pictures below. The one thing I can say for certain is that this (THIS CLIMAT) is not a place for me. Complaining about being in the Caribbean is like the biggest non-problem ever but I definitely prefer icy dark Estonian winters to that humid hellhole. I am going to follow the advice of Tabea and a few others and gonna look towards the south of America. But of course I super enjoyed lying in the hammock between palm trees.

I have had few advantures again due to a lack of signes and wrong bus schedules. For example I took a bus at 5am to get to the airport in Cancun from Playa del Carmen and it was supposed to take 2 hours. But it was around 50 minutes and I was way too early for my flight. But I wanted to take the early bus because there wasnt another one for the next two hours and I wanted to be safe. At Cancun airport there are no places to sit at the Terminal 1 except for one cafe for which I was too thrifty of course. So I was sitting in the dirty airport floor for hours reading the book Kai gave me and being starred at by hundreds of people, probbaly wondering how disturbed I seem to be wearing my dark hoody over my head.

(To pretend to be more professional I tried to put in an introduction for a few seconds :D )

Thats how I watched the finale of the world cup in Puebla (was kinda obligated to haha)
me_n_eduardo.jpg DSCF0192.jpgDSCF0185.jpg

The beautiful under water world at Isla Mujeres

Joy, joy

Kinetics, aweful and awesome

My hostel in Cancun; living the life :D :D

One of the beautiful naked goddesses

Yeah, babe, looking super professional, no?
My two companeros

Dancing Salsa at the beach at night. Or trying to... The beach is on the right side of the pictures
IMG-20140725-WA0008.jpg IMG-20140725-WA0004.jpg

My beautiful gigantic Mosquito bites, so you all can be disturbed with me, yeayy!!





My plane ticket was just a tiny piece of paper

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