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Problems^2 in Mexico

SO, I havent posted something in a long long while!

First reason: Due to horrible organizations skills in all offices across the university all my exams happened around the same time. Which had not been the plan at all.

Second reason: When that was done I wanted to upload videos I had already recorded but I needed to get my papers for my next semester ready; I needed to print, sign and scan different documents. Not knowing that the whole university, the city and most likely the whole country was infected with a very old virus "the shortcut virus" because, as so often, nobody cared enough to really do something about it. Only AFTER I asked Mexicans about the virus I have and if it was actually possible to have gotten it from the university (incomprehensible for me at that time), they told me how normal this virus has become and how they deal with it by having a "virus USB" they completely erase after each use and they never let scanned documents be put on their USB, rather have them send by mail. And this all never came up when they talked to me about where and how to scan, copy, etc. One thing I really dont enjoy about Mexicans is that they never tell you anything you dont specifically ask for. Once I asked if there was a Combi (a bigger car mostly used for travel within a city) going to the shopping mall. No, there was none. But there was a BUS going which I had found out later, as well as that this was not news for that person, but I didnt specifically ask for a BUS... . Things like this happened on several occasions and as much as I hate that, it is actually harmless. The virus though did some damage. I was confused about all my files appearing as shortcuts and stupidly clicked on some. The virus spread to my laptop and I could not use any flash drives anymore, hence not access my files from my camera.

Third reason: Waiting for repair. Permanently damaged USB.

Fourth reason: Internet blackout for several days. The internet has been deteriorating for the last 2 months. My theory is the state ordered it due to the rising protests, but of course I dont really know. This would be easy to do as there is a quasi-monopoly in telecommunications of one man with strong ties to the government. A change was ordered, but it there has not been any noticable change so far. report by the Economist

Fiith reason: the connection has been so bad that it could not handle uploading a video, photos, or downloading 2 pages as pdf. or sometimes even opening my mails. As it works better in the morning I am trying again and only use photos. This I will probably have to continue until I am back to Europe.


A few days back was the Kosmo-Con in Pachuca to which a friend invited me. It was all about Asian Anime Culture.
My friend's K-Pop dance group was entertaining the crowd, which I cannot show unfortunately.
Typical Asian pic :D
The university made a big deal out of an international dinner with the director and then he didnt even show up.
Then I went to Veracruz to a governmental event with a friend who studies with me. The event happened on the ground of the Navel base and school. Veracruz was an important place in the earlier days with wars at sea and fleets from Spain and the USA.
The navel golf court to train concentration
The navel library
Veracruz is known for fresh sea food. As it was really cheap I kinda overdid it and suffered a bit afterwards

A lot of fresh fruit and drinks were available as well

Veracruz is not know for smart architecture

If you have wondered how the tense situation in Mexico manifests itself in Pachuca here is one picture. On universities and high schools there are banners like these, always stating solidarity as usually there is one saying: we all are Ayotzinapa. Protests happen now and then, once mildly violent as some students destroyed private property when marching along the streets. The university campus for the arts located in Real del Monte did a very artsy and informative protest day with many workshops which was awesome and peaceful but far from being widely noticed. I went to the cinema on thursday and students blocked a big, important road for about 5 minutes, so we had to get out of the taxi (didnt want to be late for the movie) and cross the road while the cars didnt move.


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